Июн 03 2020


18:00 - 19:00

WEBINAR «Communicative Language Teaching: Fun and Varied Approaches for Common Grammar Topics»

Bringing Grammar to Life with Experiential Learning

Amanda Hilliard

American English Live: Teacher Development Series 8

The Regional English Language Office is pleased to offer American English Live: Teacher Development Series 8. The six online seminars of the course cover a variety of topics and are intended for teachers of English or future teachers of English around the world. Participants who attend 4 out of the 6 webinars will receive e-certificates. Participants are encouraged to join the associated Ning ( to participate in discussions, view or download video and other materials from the sessions, and access recordings of the webinars.

The series will take place from May 06 – July 15, 2020. Each 60-minute webinar will be held every other Wednesday at 6:00 pm or 11 pm (Nur-Sultan time) from Washington DC.

These sessions will primarily be shared with participants via the Facebook page ( Participants can also join the sessions by viewing the sessions on Zoom at the above times here:

Though not mandatory, registration is encouraged. Registered participants will receive email reminders with links to pre-session readings and online discussions. Here is the link for registration:

Digital Badges

Digital badges will be issued at the end of each event. Participants will be prompted to enter their information via a link at the end of each session. The link will have questions about the session and prompts for participants to enter their contact information.

To answer the required digital badge questions, you will need to watch the entire event and complete a quiz in the end of the session.

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